Daddy Broke My Heart

Daddy Broke My Heart is inspired by the testimony of healing and reconciliation Keila Harris has experienced as one of six children of divorced parents after 26 years of marriage. Keila explains how she denied any effect on her life for years before recognizing patterns she could no longer ignore to truly be happy and content with herself and her life. The book is a voice of hope to those who stand aimlessly by waiting for others to change when the key is in changing your own frame of thinking.

The DBMH Project, Inc., incorporated in October 2012, creates a community around sharing the hurt and the pain experienced in the past that many of us experience still. Maybe the pain is more subliminal, but the effects of silently suffering from neglect, abandonment, and resentment for the man who brought you into this world cannot be denied. Do not be entangled in the web of lies that tell you “Everything is OK,” and “Hiding will make the problems disappear.”

There is liberty in expression, through spoken word, poetry, narratives, music, and/or art. The goal is to release the bitterness and negativity from within out. Give others the opportunity to connect with your struggle and know you are not alone.

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As founder of the project, Keila Harris manages the DBMH Project team that enables others to share their story on many different platforms. The book Daddy Broke My Heart will be available for download in the early part of the year 2013 and will be available for download here and on the DBMH project website.

Feel free to email questions and suggestions to keila@daddybrokemyheart.com



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